Plumbing for new construction

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Plumbing for new construction

We are proudly committed to providing specialized plumbing services dedicated to new construction. Our team of qualified experts has extensive experience in various fields, whether for residential single-family homes, multi-unit buildings or commercial projects.

Installation of plumbing system in a new construction

With Copa Plumbing, the installation of the plumbing system in your new home is carried out by specialists in plumbing for new construction.

Our certified technicians have all the skills necessary to work on construction sites, regardless of the size. We offer you a turnkey service that saves you any hassle, from the installation of plumbing equipment to the completion of the project.

Construction and expertise: from residential to commercial

We excel in installing plumbing systems for new construction, from residential to commercial. Specialists in new homes, condos, and multi-unit buildings, our versatile team guarantees the success of each project.

Expertise in residential and commercial plumbing for new construction.

Specialists in new homes, condos, and multi-unit buildings.

Versatility ensuring the success of each project.

Professional expertise, impeccable service

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Residential single-family home

For your new construction project for a single-family residential home, choose Copa Plumbing. Our experienced team excels in quality plumbing, ensuring reliable installation of modern systems. From water supply to essential connections, we guarantee optimal performance for your new home. Trust our expertise for plumbing for new construction that meets all your expectations, with professionalism and efficiency.

Residential multi-unit buildings

When it comes to plumbing in new construction of residential multi-unit buildings, Copa Plumbing is your trusted partner. Our specialist team brings in-depth expertise in the design and installation of efficient and durable plumbing systems. From optimal pipe sizing to strategic equipment placement, we ensure that each unit benefits from reliable, high-performance plumbing. Choose Copa Plumbing for premium plumbing solutions that meet the highest industry standards.


When you undertake a new commercial construction project, plumbing is a key component to ensure the proper functioning of your facilities. Trust Copa Plumbing for premier commercial plumbing solutions. Our experienced team excels in the design and installation of systems tailored to your specific needs, whether for offices, shops and restaurants or other commercial spaces. We guarantee efficient execution, optimal performance and compliance with the highest industry standards. Choose reliability with Copa Plumbing for new construction commercial project.

Commitment to quality and service

At Copa Plumbing, our commitment translates into providing high-end plumbing services dedicated to new construction. Our team, made up of experienced professionals, aligns with the highest industry standards in Quebec. The use of top quality materials and proven techniques guarantees robust and durable installations. Our priority is to meet established deadlines and budgets, while providing exceptional customer service.

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