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Repair of water heaters, emergency repairs, installation and maintenance of any plumbing appliance (bath, showers, sinks, washbasins, toilets, etc.)

Recognize the signs of damaged pipes

Identifying the signs of damaged pipes early is crucial to avoiding more serious problems. Here are some clues that could indicate potential problems with your plumbing system

Water leaks

Unexplained pools of water around pipes, ceilings or walls can signal a leak.

Drop in water pressure

A sudden decrease in water pressure in faucets may indicate a problem with clogged or crushed pipes.

Unusual noises

Rumbling, clicking, or hissing sounds coming from the pipes can signal blockages or pressure problems.

Temperature variations

Sudden changes in water temperature, such as hot water turning cold, can indicate problems in the water heater, a faulty cartridge, or a bypass.

Mold or unpleasant odors

Unexplained mold or strange odors may result from undetected water leaks or condensation on the pipes.

Water or rust stains

Water or rust stains on the walls, ceiling, or the pipes themselves can signal leaks or corrosion.

Don’t ignore the signs of a pipe in distress! Contact Copa Plumbing Inc. today for a professional assessment and fast solutions. Protect your home, preserve your peace of mind – we are here to solve your plumbing problems with expertise and efficiency!

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Unblocking drains, sewers, pipes and high pressure cleaning

Clogged pipe, toilet or sink, drain blocked by roots, iron ocher problem…

Homes or buildings that have galvanized steel pipes should be cleaned regularly. This will help prevent huge flooding caused by a blocked drain, especially if it is the main drain that is blocking. We use professional equipment to get the job done. From a blocked toilet to a backup main drain, we are equipped to get the job done. If there is a flood or emergency situation, we also offer 24 hour emergency plumbing service. In some cases, your main drain may be blocked, because the roots of a nearby tree have pierced the drain and grown inside. Our equipment is capable of cutting and removing most roots. In these cases, it may be necessary to dig and replace the punctured piping. We are able to carry out the entire job, including excavation and repair of turf or asphalt.

Camera inspection

A camera inspection can be useful when you want to check the quality of the drain piping inside or outside the floor. If you are looking to buy a building or a new house, the camera will allow you to see the quality of the piping. It can also be used when you want to locate a crack, a clog, or a slope in a drain pipe. We offer camera inspection with a copy of the video on a USB stick and our device is compact and can operate up to 200 feet.

Water heater repair or replacement

Make sure your comfort never stops with our water heater repair or replacement service. Whether you need quick solutions to resolve minor issues or are considering a complete replacement, Copa Plumbing Inc. is here to provide you with reliable expertise. We efficiently diagnose problems, offer appropriate solutions, and provide high-quality water heater repair or replacement services. Entrust us with your thermal comfort, we will take care of the rest.

Smoke test

Prioritize safety and avoid unwanted surprises with our smoke testing, leak and odor detection service. Copa Plumbing Inc. offers a safe, mess-free approach to identifying potential problems, avoiding costly work down the road. From detecting leaks and odors to locating rodent entrances, our expert team ensures rapid and precise intervention. Protect your space and your peace of mind by choosing our complete detection plumbing service.

Why hire a professional plumber?

It can be difficult to recognize the underlying signs of problems. Whether it’s a clogged drain, leaking pipe, or sewer malfunctions, a qualified plumber can diagnose and resolve these issues efficiently, preventing future complications. Don’t let the symptoms go unnoticed, call a plumbing expert for reliable solutions.

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