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Our company specializes in carrying out residential and commercial plumbing work.

Residential plumbing

Copa Plumbing is committed to offering tailor-made residential plumbing solutions, adapted to your specific needs. Whether installing new equipment, repairing leaks or modernizing your systems, our team of qualified professionals provides reliable and efficient services to ensure the proper functioning of the plumbing in your home.

Commercial plumbing

In the commercial plumbing sector, Copa Plumbing excels in the design, installation and maintenance of systems tailored to the unique needs of businesses. Our experienced team offers robust solutions for offices, shops and other commercial spaces. From managing complex projects to regular maintenance, we are your trusted partner for high-performance commercial plumbing.

24 hour emergency service

Copa Plumbing understands the importance of rapid intervention in the event of an emergency. Our 24-hour emergency residential and commercial plumbing service is available to quickly resolve unforeseen problems. Whether it’s a sudden leak, system malfunction or any other critical issue, our responsive team is ready to respond at any time, ensuring peace of mind for our customers in all circumstances.

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Camera and smoke test

Ensure the quality of your plumbing with our camera inspection. Whether you’re buying a home or looking to locate issues like cracks or clogs, our service provides a clear view. Compact and effective up to 200 feet, we provide you with a video copy on USB key. As a bonus, our smoke test detects sealing issues.

Sump pump installation

At Plomberie Copa , we keep your home dry and secure with our hassle-free sump pump installations. Our experts tailor each installation to fit your home’s unique needs, providing proactive protection against potential water damage. Trust us for dependable performance, ensuring your peace of mind during heavy rainfall and unexpected leaks.

Water main entrance and main drain installation

Discover smooth water management for your residential and commercial properties with Plomberie Copa . Our quick and reliable water entrance and main drain plumbing installations are tailored to meet the unique needs of your space. From ensuring efficient water supply to maintaining a clear and functional main drain, we’ve got you covered.

Garage pit installation

Unlock a new level of convenience with our Residential Garage Pit installation. This discreet, floor-level space is your secret weapon for easy plumbing access. Effortlessly reach essential pipes, tackle DIY tasks with ease, and maintain a sleek appearance with optional covers. Our quick installation minimizes disruption, and the design is tailored to seamlessly integrate into your home. Upgrade your plumbing experience with Plomberie Copa.

Floor drains

Elevate your property with our quick and efficient floor drain installations at Plomberie Copa . Whether for your residence or commercial space, our team specializes in seamless installations to keep your floors dry and free from water-related issues.

Pluvial and sanitary pump

The pumps are installed in a pit where continuous rainwater has flowed either into a drain or in some cases outside. Sanitary pumps are used in cases where there are plumbing fixtures that are lower than the height at which the drain is located in the building. These pumps remove dirty water that goes down the drain.

Backflow Preventers

A backflow prevention device, consisting of two valves, is used to protect drinking water supplies. Improper installation in a building can cause contamination of a well or municipal drinking water supplies. It is mandatory to have a backflow device in every building consisting of more than 9 apartments or 3 floors high. The water meter shall be installed immediately after the internal stop valve in the distribution system of drinking water. We make the connections necessary to its installation.

French Drains & Excavation

The French drain is a pipe that runs all around your house or building to collects rain water and allows it to flow into a drain. This prevents water from infiltrating into the building. In older construction, many buildings or homes were built without one. There are also homes that have one but it is not functional anymore because the type of pipe they used is deteriorated, therefore limiting greatly the amount of water that is collected. We can carry out the whole job, excavation and all.


Concrete drilling and sawing

Copa Plumbing excels in drilling and sawing concrete. Our professionals provide precise and efficient services to meet your specific needs. Trust our expertise for long-lasting, hassle-free results.

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