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Transform your space with our exceptional plumbing Renovation service. At Copa Plumbing Inc., we redefine the aesthetics and efficiency of your plumbing system, offering modern and durable solutions. From replacing pipes to installing new configurations, our team of experts ensures a hassle-free transformation.

Kitchen plumbing renovation

A beautiful, functional kitchen always adds value to your home. Let our expertise help you realize your project to its maximum potential. Whether it’s a repair or a new installation, we have the experience to make it perfect. Kitchen sink, dishwasher, refrigerator, tap for pot filling, coffee machine.

Bathroom plumbing renovation

Our experience in bathroom plumbing renovation has allowed us to familiarize ourselves with all types of installations, whether low-end or high-end appliances. From a simple toilet to a high-end body spray system for a shower. We have what it takes to dazzle you and allow you to create your dream bathroom, and operate at its maximum capacity. (Toilets, toilet sinks, shower, bathtub, bidet.)

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Mastery of installations, solutions for all tanks

Water heater tank

Expert installation for hot water tanks

Proper installation of a hot water tank is an essential part of any plumbing system. From a small tank that fits in a cabinet to a 100 gallon tank for commercial use, we can help you decide what size you need and educate you on the differences between tanks to make the best choice.

Diagnosis and repair of existing tanks

Some larger homes or commercial buildings have hot water coming from a greater distance and may require a recirculation line to ensure hot water gets to the faucet without delay. For existing tanks, there may be issues such as burnt out or outdated elements, thermostats, and leaks. Our expertise can help you determine the problem and find the right solution to fix it.

Waste crusher

Using a food waste disposal is a convenient way to dispose of our kitchen waste that otherwise ends up in land fill. They are installed under the kitchen sink and are connected to the drainage system. There are, however, certain foods that should not go down the grinder as they can cause blockages such as coffee grounds, onion peels and banana peels. These foods can clog the disposal or drain pipes.

Dishwasher installation

Some new dishwasher models require your water and electrical wiring to connect to a panel under the front of the appliance. However, many models have the electrical and drain connections on the back of the dishwasher.

Pot filler installation

A pot filler is an innovative device designed to simplify the preparation process in professional and home kitchens. It is essentially a specialized faucet installed above cooktops or prep areas. Its main purpose is to provide instant access to cold water, eliminating the possibility of dropping or spilling your pot when moving from your sink to the stove. This allows chefs and hobbyists to cook more efficiently by reducing wait time and making meal preparation easier.

Optimize your kitchen with our pot filler installation service. Whether you are a professional chef in a restaurant or a cooking enthusiast at home, our team of experts at Copa Plumbing Inc. is ready to make your daily life more convenient. Unleash the potential of your kitchen with our trusted expertise and tailor-made solutions.

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